Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're Here!

After nearly 30 hours of traveling and about 4 to 5 hours of sleep, we finally landed in Entebbe, Uganda! Although pretty exhausted, we're all excited to be here and we're anxious to see what God is about to do! Everyone is healthy and in good spirits. The flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe was so much fun. It was fun to see all the different nationalities on the plane, all the lovely african sweet and outgoing. We arrived at our hotel, right on the shores of Lake Victoria, about 9pm Wednesday night (africa time). In case anyone's wondering, Uganda is ten hours ahead of California.

The night weather here is nice and humid with constant lightning in the distance. Beautiful. Step outside the hotel and all you hear are frogs, locusts and monkeys. It's beautiful. The plan for the next couple of days is to travel up north where we will embark on a mini safari, sleeping out in tents, right in the middle of lion country! Wives...we can all hear you now. Know that we're really excited to just unwind a little and grow closer as a team before the conference begins in Kakira on Sunday.

Well, that's about it for now. Keep checking back for more posts. I'll be posting blogs as much as possible. It's hard to tell when we'll have internet access. And pictures will follow soon enough! Thanks to all of you who have supported this mission and are so plugged into what God is doing here in the heart of Africa. I've been reminded lately that the true problem of man isn't social, or moral, or political, or even economic. The problem of man is SPIRITUAL. And by equipping the pastors so that they can better equip their congregations, we are addressing the TRUE need. Please pray for power and relevance for each of us, and pray that God will give us soft, humble hearts as we minister, encourage and teach! We've got a lot to learn here, and I'm so excited!