Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day Four...

I have failed to mention the diversity among those at the conference. People from all different tribes, worshipping together. People from all over Uganda, pastors from Rwanda and a few from Kenya, all worshipping God together. The most discriminated against and the most neglected group in this country happens to be the disabled...and they're here too. There's a lady that has been coming from day one. I'm not sure exactly what she suffers from. I've noticed that these countries are full of people who suffer from crippling diseases, but have little or no access to real treatment. Or they can't afford it. So the diseases are given freedom to run their course. We have yet to see an elevator anywhere, and the roads are almost undriveable. So the thought of having to wheel oneself around in a wheelchair is almost laughable.
And yet this woman smiles. And yet she is so happy to be in the presence of God. She always greets me every morning with a big smile, a crippled handshake and a "Bless you, pasta (pastor)". But I think what inspires me most is watching her raise her bent and broken hands in praise to the One who created her and allowed her disease. I think it inspires me, because we're both looking forward to the same Day, when we'll praise God together, face to face. And maybe she'll reach out to me with her perfect hands and lead me in a special dance of praise to the One who redeems our souls.