Monday, April 20, 2009

Day One...

We just finished the first day and it was great! There are about 125+ people at the conference. To say that they are hungry for the tools we're offering is an understatement. I knew that we were going because there is a need, but I had no clue how deep the need actually goes. Most of these pastors and teachers are simply men and women who got saved and felt God calling them to go and they go and preach! I'm understanding that I am teaching them the Word of God. But God is challenging my heart and teaching me about what wholehearted obedience really looks like, and how God values a heart completely surrendered. A lot of these people left home and villages to travel and preach, not knowing anything except that God has changed their hearts and saved them through faith in Jesus Christ. I'm reminded that God can and does use anyone! The only requirement is wholehearted surrender to God and His will and purpose. I've traveled with the youth group to Costa Rica, and the theme of Costa Rica is 'Pura Vida' (Pure Life). But I'm finding that I'm learning a whole new purity in life...and I'm learning it from the people I'm supposed to be teaching. God is so amazing.

Please continue to pray for health and safety. Pray that God's Spirit will continue to bind us all together and teach us that which God desires to teach us. Again...thank you so much for all of you who have supported this team and made this trip possible. The people of Uganda continually tell us how grateful they are for you. And they pray for you everyday too...what a Pure Life.