Friday, April 24, 2009

The Source...

Today, we took the afternoon to walk to the source of the Nile River. It was so beautiful to see the water and the currents and to know that we were standing at the source of one of the world's most exotic and famous rivers. Thunderstorms were all around us, and so the whole experience was truly amazing. I prepared myself, but Africa has surpassed all my expectations with all its natural beauty. Well done, God.

Day Five...The Last Day

Last day, and oh what at day! It was short, but certainly powerful. We each took 15 to 20 minutes, and challenged them with a parting word to wrap up the week. Everyone did so good. Pastor Tim even wrote a song and led the group in "The Duck Dance". Don't ask.
We handed out Bibles to all the pastors and gave them certificates saying that they had attended. I was surprised to see how much those certificates meant to them. But most them have no access to education right now, and something that shows that they are trying means the world. The Bibles were supplied by our team and the group was so appreciative. I just loved to see two cultures come together like this and accomplish something God-sized. It's great to travel halfway across the world and see that even though some of us speak Luganda and others speak English, together we all speak the same language...the language of the Spirit. For we are all one family under one Father, and our needs are ultimately one and the same. God spoke mightily and used both Americans and Ugandans to teach rich spiritual lessons.
It was so hard to leave. And it was really hard to say goodbye to those who had to travel far away. But one pastor reminded me that if we don't see each other again here on earth, we will celebrate together on the other side.
Please continue to pray. Tomorrow (Saturday), Pastor Paul is getting married! It's really exciting and they asked that Scott (my father) officiate the wedding. We're all excited, and it is a special priviledge over here to be invited to someone's wedding. So that means a lot to us.
Also, Sunday we are all going our separate ways to speak at local churches. Fred got assigned to the longest distance...30 km from Jinja. Pray that God speaks powerfully through us and pray for our connections with the people.
Monday...and then we fly out Tuesday night. That can't be right...